How to set up your Publisher Champ Account with our Google Chrome extension

1. Open Google Chrome and Login to your Amazon KDP Reports page

- Open Google Chrome and login to your KDP Reports Page as shown below
- Please make sure you go to: https://kdpreports.amazon.com/dashboard

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Responsive image

2. Download and Install Publisher Champ Assistant Google Chrome extension

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3. Submit your cookies

- Navigate to your KDP Reports page and open our extension
- Enter your Enter your Publisher Champ credentials credentials
- Click "Synchronize platforms with Publisher Champ"
- Give it a few seconds ⌛...

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If you see "Congrats! The cookies were submitted successfully and account verified with KDP!", it means that you are done. You can then go to your Publisher Champ profile and fully setup your account to suit your needs!
- Otherwise, logout from your Amazon KDP Dashboard, login again and try re-submitting your cookies!

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If you need any assistance, please feel free to email us at: [email protected]
Or send us a message through our live chat!